PREDICTION FOR Rafael Nadal – David Goffin :

-Rafael Nadal win 1.85

The tennis season is so slow at the end and remains to be played including ATP World Tour Finals. This is the last time this year we’ll be enjoying the great world stars.
The tournament is settled on British soil and in advance, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer feel like favorites. In his first match in the tournament, Rafael Nadal takes over David Beffin.
Here there is no doubt about who is favorite. The fact that the Spaniard is a big favorite in this meeting tells himself, but the question really is how much motivation is? The feeling is that this tournament has recently grown, something that tells us to see a strong Rafael Nadal here.

David Goffin weighs too easily
David Goffin has had a season which in our opinion is seen as a disappointment. Over the past few years, the snail has been hot around the belgian, which has long been seen as a kind of heir or challenger in the top. True, he is not true yet, but in fact, weighs a little too easily many times. It is primarily about the matches against the biggest, where David Goffin has been hit by a lot of times.
At the end of October, he took only three games on the whole match against Roger Federer. He has not picked up anything against Rafael Nadal. In our eyes this is no coincidence, but there are a few levels in his game for him to be able to challenge seriously.
Assuming that Raphael Nadal is in play, he wins this easily. We feel strongly.