Evan King vs Adrian Andreev Free Betting Tips

Evan King vs Adrian Andreev Free Betting Tips

Evan King and Andreev will meet again in this pre-season tournament and the advantage should again be that of the young Bulgarian player.

These two players faced each other in this tournament 5 days ago and the Bulgarian player won without any difficulties with 4-0 and 4-1 ends.

This is a player clearly on the rise as we speak of an 18-year-old ranked in the 685th place in the hierarchy and who will surely be very successful in your career due to the results he is showing.

Andreev comes from 6 wins in the last 8 games, all in this tournament, and the two losses he had were only against Paolo Lorenzi who is just the player who has dominated this tournament without problems with 15 games and winning 14, losing only one game and against who? This Andreev kid.

This Andreev was the only player who really managed to beat Lorenzi in this tournament and in the last game between them that Andreev lost, two tiebreaks were played.

Evan King is one of the worst players to have played in this tournament with only 2 wins in 9 games.

In the game against Andreev he lost 2-0 in a 4-0 and 4-1 massacre and it is curious that a player who ranks in 398th place and is 28 years old, a good age for sport, is slaughtered in this way against a young aspiring tennis player.

My bet goes to over games because even if the young Bulgarian player wins 2-0 I believe that it will be enough to have no sets at 0 and a set where the North American player makes 3 games for the over to happen.

It is important to remember that this tournament is of short sets up to 4 games and that a 3-3 entitles to a tiebreak so I think that now knowing the opponent and knowing that he is not just a kid, Evan King will pull the balls and at least make 4 games in the whole game.

Evan King vs Adrian Andreev Free Betting Tips

It is also important to remember that like any good North American player the hard court surface is the best for King so it is mandatory to play some games in the service.

Betting Tips: Over 11.5 games
Odds: 1.53