Corner bets and cards – Truth or Myth?

Corner bets and cards – Truth or Myth?

Today I bring you another article where the stir goes through the bets on corners and cards.

Many disdain this “fashion” or trend as you want to call it, but there are many bettors who choose fashion at this moment – corner and card bets. Obviously to place this type of bets we must first know which bookmaker we can use to place these bets!

Obviously, in Portugal we have our market regulated, and with that the odds are obviously out of step with the international reality.

So I always call your attention that you must ALWAYS opt for our regulated market, because only then are they safer and protected by our regulator SRIJ.

But we will approach this topic from the general perspective or better from the perspective of international bookmakers.

I begin to address this issue by the following:

Card and corner bets are not the same as betting on goals or handicaps.
Card and corner bets do not use the same statistical basis as the goal market for example.
The card market depends a lot on a single person, and also on what the game becomes, less or more violent – and the person speaks clearly of the referee.
The corner market also includes team dynamics, sometimes in their offensive and defensive aspects. This situation is important to determine the correct lines or to have the best perception of where the value is.

After a slight approach I will divide the two markets and then in conclusion I will answer the question – Truth or Myth?

Corner bets

As I have discussed here before, this market depends a lot on the offensive and defensive characteristics of the teams. The corner market would say that it is widely used by punters who know how to read the teams’ tactics very well.

Former coaches understand when to use the “technique” of the song or realize when a more offensive team looks for the song too, sometimes because of the adversary’s distress.

Obviously in this field I am not the best person to be able to be here with “theories”, but I know what I learned from someone who likes this market and who here and there explains the real value of these markets.

Betting on corners really depends on the characteristics of the teams, notice some examples, Tottenham, is a team of corners, isn’t it?

Well it’s not explicit, but now see on your base date the number of corners when I play Kane? Go up, don’t the average go up? Nice example that I can give you here so that you understand why it is important to understand this market and be very attentive to details.

Another example, this older one, do you remember the times of Benfica do Jorge Jesus, where the winger was Di Maria? Do you remember how the team played on the fast counterattack and the defenders often threw the ball into the corner? Another beautiful example.

Let us now summarize this question in specific, the bet on corners really goes through the analysis of the teams’ behavior, with or without that player who can influence the numbers.

It also involves the perception of how the teams can fit together, it is not for nothing that I spoke and back there, that the best bettors of corners and cards are often ex-coaches.

Understanding the tactical “fit” is important for the corner market, now in Punter and now in Live! Yes, I spoke about Live – It is true to bet on corners in live is also an asset, to be watching the game, to understand what the teams can do or react, they can let the ball go to the corner more often.

More examples? Let’s go, for example, a calm game, stopped between a goal against the current of the game, the other team will chase, and if we are in final minutes, the team that scored always chooses not to complicate, and nothing better than putting the ball to corner.

Yes, but it all depends, the real ability of the team that attacks and the one that defends! Knowing your DNA studying your behavior in various situations is very important so that when it comes to taking advantage of a mismatch in the corner line, you often enter above par and with a beautiful Green at the end of the game.

Opportunity – Yes, wait for the opportunity, I would say that in the corners, in Live the “value” is in the opportunity and know how to wait for the right moment to enter and know how to assess the “natural” mismatch that the house offers in relation to the possible likelihood of more corners happening .

In my opinion, the value in corners and what I can “work” better is in Live. In Punter I confess that it is very complicated for me to understand the correct line and see the real value of the lines they offer us!

I just leave one more piece of advice in this matter, watching games, understanding the DNA of the teams and studying them and even perceiving them as they behave in various “stages” in the game is IMPORTANT to make a profit in the corner market especially in LIVE.

So let’s get to the conclusion and answer the question – truth or myth?

For me it is not a myth, but a truth – Betting on corners is the same as betting on Overs or the Asian handicap markets. The question that you are already thinking is – And is there a profit?

Yes, I tell you yes! Especially on Live, as this is where my experience can help you, or rather my opinion has a strong support! In Live, many of the lines are really out of place and knowing how to wait to meet the teams and the moments of the game can extract a lot of value and many bets won.

Be attentive to the details that I have indicated here, and before experimenting, just “see” see the lines and then see how the game after a situation has “transformed” and understand the “concept” that I tried to pass here for all of you!

It is not a myth, I believe that betting on corners is an absolute reality, but of course it is not for everyone, above all it is necessary to have a lot of patience and know when and how to enter, and of course watch many games and know the DNA of the teams!

Card betting?

Yes, so now let’s talk about the card market, I am a “hybrid” here, I like the two positions – Punter and Live!

In the Punter position, sometimes with a beautiful pre-game study, you can see when the houses are wrong about the number of cards in the game. Knowing and understanding how the referee reacts to the game, what the environment can cause is important!

Know if the game is going to be tough or not, know if that player who normally wears yellow, like Pepe or Sérgio Ramos or even Maxi Pereira! To perceive all this, to perceive the intensity of a game, we can extract a lot of value from the cards.

I would say that compared to the corner market, this one is usually fair in Pré Live most of the time. I understand from what the bookmakers tell me that they also study the lines offered well and sometimes do not leave much scope for “moving” in the game – as we would sometimes say, they have the “Fair” lines.

In Live, the question is also different, when the game starts to have a great intensity, and when two players walk “stuck” two more cards are right there at the door, adding that usual yellow card in the final minutes, I would say we have 3 more guaranteed cards.

When looking at the line we find value with this analysis and handicap we can find odds above the pair, obviously depending on the minute we are in the game.

Once again watching the game, realizing the situations will give us an edge in relation to the bookmaker. If the line is low, and we go in and higher cards, it almost allows us to even close with CashOut.

In my opinion and in my experience, working in the card market is something more painful than the corners, I would say less linear!

The uncertainty is greater I would say that it is necessary to be really good in this requirement of the cards, the question of the referee is complicated to analyze, why? He does not give press conferences, it is not known how he will prepare and approach the game. Whether to control it right at the beginning or to let the game “roll”. What we can get is just lessons, from how he usually acts in certain games and if the weight of the game, I would say responsibility, you can pull more cards!

As this will be one of the markets that I perhaps dominate less, only here and there I am in search of these markets, and as many influenced by it, I would say that the issues of the card markets will be more MYTH to me.

Myth, I say because it is not accessible to everyone, it is really necessary to be very astute and to be inside this market to be able to work it and take profits.

In conclusion – total songs and cards, I put one here as Myth and the other as truth.

I would say that the fault of this conclusion is perhaps even my inability at the moment to take advantage of the value in the card market, which I consider again that is not available to all of us!

The corner market, I would say, will be more accessible, not least because we were able to obtain more information than comparing them with the card market.
A truth and a myth I was “tied up” on this very delicate and sometimes so addressed topic in the world of online betting.