Desportivo das Aves defends overdue wages with Chinese economy

Desportivo das Aves defends overdue wages with Chinese economy

In Portugal there are several clubs that are currently in wage defaults with their players, however, the case of Desportivo das Aves has demanded greater attention because it is a Liga NOS club. In addition, the Avense group has not paid its employees since January, that is, we are practically completing three months of non-compliance with the salary of the club’s management.

Recently, goalkeeper Beurnardeau and defender Afonso Figueiredo returned to protest with the situation, claiming that it is difficult to survive with such non-compliance. Interestingly, the Avense direction has now justified itself by claiming that one of the main reasons for this failure to pay is due to the Chinese economic crisis motivated by the coronavirus.

The president of SAD Avense, Wei Zhao, regularized the wages of the last month of 2019 to February 14, but would no longer make any payments since that date. Yes, economic problems in China may have some influence on the perspective of a Chinese investor in Portuguese football, however, any football institution must have a working capital to cover last-minute expenses.

The situation in China only really worsened from the beginning of 2020, so it was not justified that there were already wages in arrears at the time, that is, although the pandemic could be a reason for the swelling of the institutional crisis in the club, I do not think that is the main factor for all the difficulties that the club is currently experiencing.

Installed in the last position of the Portuguese League with only 13 points in 24 matches, Desportivo das Aves is nine points from leaving the relegation zone and will need a sensational end of season to save themselves.

Now, having been ordered late for so long will certainly not be a way to motivate players to start a kind of miraculous mission until the end of the season that can save them from descending to the PRO League…