Cagliari v Atletico Madrid Betting Tips

On the sidelines of the ICC 2018 competition, Atletico Madrid took another friendly match against Cagliari. This game also became the first meeting game for both teams, Cagliari was very intense in their friendly matches in preparation for facing the new Serie A season which will start on the 20th.

So far Cagliari has played 3 trial matches, they played against Cremonese who played in Serie B, Fenerbahce and also Trabzonspor who played in the Turkish league. Cagliari can only win over Cremonese while the other 2 games they lose and draw. Cagliari themselves last season they had to compete fiercely to avoid the relegation zone but they were finally able to rank 16th in the standings with only 2 ranks from the relegation zone.

Instead Atletico Madrid has become a scary team at the European level thanks to their achievements in recent years. In the last season alone they were able to end La Liga with second place in the standings below Barcelona and above Real Madrid. Even Atletico Madrid came out as defending champions of the Europa League, the touch of the coach Diego Simeone still gives a different thing for Atletico Madrid.

Atletico Madrid’s experience at the break of the season is quite interesting, they have played against Arsenal and also PSG at the ICC 2018 event then the next game after against Cagliari they play Inter Milan. It is clear that the strength and quality of the game from Cagliari are far below that of Atletico Madrid. Most likely Atletico Madrid will win quite easily in this match. (Ozk)

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FINAL SCORE PREDICTION: Cagliari 1 – 3 Atletico Madrid
Cagliari 0: 0 Atletico Madrid
TIPS: Atletico Madrid