Inter Turku vs. Kemi Kings Bettig Tips 12 June 2018

Inter Turku vs. Kemi Kings Soccer Prediction

In the first league in Finland, both teams have been successful in the last two games with 4 points, but a significant improvement in the rankings did not occur.

Inter made it but at least again the connection to other midfield teams and occupies now with 12 points 9th place after 11 matchdays. Inter, however, has a large home weakness in the day, with 3 victories in the season, none succeeded in a home game, where so far came in 4 games only 2 draws and 2 defeats.

So far, Kemi has acted similarly, but with only 8 points on the penultimate place of the table. By the mentioned 4 points from the last two games Kemi could leave at least the last place in the table. One reason that Kemi has not yet won a home game and the two victories each season away (in addition to 3 defeats) took place.

In April, there was already a game of these teams against each other, Inter won at the Kings 4: 2, in their own place but it is likely to be more difficult after the previously weak home performance.

Prediction Today: X
Odds: 4.54