Burnley – Manchester City PREDICTION & BETTING TIPS 03.02.2018

PREDICTION FOR Burnley – Manchester City :

– Manchester City win 1.76

Eight matches. It has Burnley turned up in the Premier League – without winning a single. Four lost and four losses. The reaction has come, and it has been great. As surprisingly strong as Burnley performed before, it might not be completely unexpected. Down on earth.
Then you can discuss the amount of gear to be deducted from this non-profit suite. Three of the four losses have come against pure opposition in the form of Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham.
Qualities are in Burnley, we know that. It is not for nothing as they are still placed on the seventh place of the table. The collective strength is often highlighted as the great succession recipe. For example, they have released as few goals as Tottenham’s table football, and fewer than all under the same in the table, with 22 in 25 matches.
Manchester City has shown that the loss to Liverpool this week, PL only, was only a blunt in the minutes. Then four straight wins have been raised, of which two of these in the domestic cups. Among other things, they have been ready for the final in the Ligacup, where Arsenal is waiting at the end of the month.
Last opposition in the row is West Bromwich, with the clear 3-0 at Etihad Stadium. Class distinction – from beginning to end.
Burnley is against
When Manchester City players have a good day at work, they can break more or less any resistance. The qualities are huge and you are at least a few clicks before the Premier League top competitors.
But Burnley on Turf Moor, it’s hardly a match that can be placed under the category – “simple”.
Secondly, it’s an underestimated law in general, Burnley. They also have an extremely solid defense game and should be able to handle a waiting match image where City is pushing them down pretty well.
The form is, as mentioned, a bit wise – but the game schedule has been tough and it is extremely rare that Burnley loses with particularly big numbers. Indeed, the fact that they fell with numbers bigger than the outcast have actually happened on two occasions in the 25 Premier League matches, including when Manchester City was visited. 0-3.
The troop situation is a major breach for Burnley, with several prominent plays uncertain. On the other hand, many say that one like James Tarkowski, who missed the last time, gets back into play. Debut from start awaits Aaron Lennon few. Will be interesting to see what he can bring.
City also has some problems on the troop front. John Jones is in the great danger zone to stand aside, which would open to Vincent Kompany to step into the central defense. A bit of a security risk, moon? Regardless of what it’s seldom positive to clean in the defense line.