Malmö Redhawks – Växjö Lakers PREDICTION & BETTING TIPS 13.01.2018

PREDICTION FOR Malmö Redhawks – Växjö Lakers :

– Växjö Lakers win 1.97

After a slightly more negative period, the Serie leaders now go to the Skåne capital for a tough meeting with Malmö Redhawks on the way home. This can be a real bang at 15:15 on Saturday afternoon.
Växjö Lakers is known as sovereign leader in SHL and appears to be the obvious gold candidate in front of the playoffs. Right now, the team leads with over ten points and has everything under control, it is the feeling that is signaled.
Such a position also means that the motivation may not be quite hundred and, at times, the team does not feel fully engaged. The unexpected 6-2 loss away from Rögle BK last week was a clear proof of that. Now, an important return meeting against Liberec in the Champions Hockey League is also expected next week, which is worth taking into account. In our eyes, this is rather an advantage now, as guests are expected to be in full swing before that match. It is simply the place to put a nice performance here.
Guests should be strongest
Looking at the last few weeks is the feeling that Malmö Redhawks has taken a few more steps forward, which proves to be the point in the scoreboard that suddenly has become much better again. On the other hand, the team lost 1-2 home against Luleå HF last time. It is still missing the obvious ability to dominate the matches.
Our feeling of just this meeting is that a Växjö Lakers who has stumbled a little lately is determined to bounce back into the winning track again. The not very long trip to Malmö Arena is a great opportunity to make a good and rewarding achievement again. It is possible to bring along.