Malmö Redhawks – Linköpings HC PREDICTION & BETTING TIPS 14.11.2017

PREDICTION FOR Malmö Redhawks – Linköpings HC :

-DRAW 4.33

After a week-long break, it’s now time for SHL hockey and down in Skåne, Malmö gets Redhawk’s visit to Linköping. Here there is every reason to think about an interesting story.
In advance, the gaming companies are somewhat surprised actually the home team as very clear favorites here, something that feels a little doubtful to a couple of factors.
Firstly, nothing is in the shape of the team that scares. At the moment, the team has three losses on the last four matches – admittedly two matches in the Champions League. What’s more worrying is that profits have come with quite a small margin.
There is no malformed Malmö Redhawks, that is sure. At best, we know that the skates completely rinse over their opponents at home, but so much of that product we have not seen lately.

Another factor that does not indicate that Malmö Redhawks should be seen as favorites is the fact that the team now has four straight losses against Linköping. It may be a coincidence, but at least there is nothing that gives a psychological advantage. Rather the opposite.
Linköping also has a better shape, even if the biggest games of the recent matches have been against the most straightforward resistance of the series. Against Rögle, Brynäs and Karlskrona, it has been easy wins. The match to Malmö Redhawks will obviously be tougher.
In our eyes, it’s not fair that the home team has become so big favorites. In fact, this should be a consistent story that can end a little anyway. It opens for an extension.