PREDICTION FOR Iceland – Czech Republic:

-Iceland win 1.67

Island – Czech Republic – It is certain that this friendly game is in a better mood than Iceland, because this selection has won the SP in Russia from the first place in their group, while the Czechs remained without this placement and played quite bad qualifications. They ended up with two victories, but then it was clear that they would not see Russia. Island’s qualification ended with three wins, of which two against direct competitors. These two national teams and the qualifications passed for the European Championship and then both selections on the domestic field were celebrated with 2: 1

The Icelanders have done a great job in qualifying and they won the first place in a very difficult group in which Croatia, Ukraine and Turkey were still. At one point it seemed that Icelanders could not go anywhere else because they allowed themselves luxury to lose from Finland, but then they overcame Ukraine and in the key match to Turkey with the winning 3: 0. They routinely beat Kosovo and ended up with three wins without a bare throat to secure their first spot in the Mundijal after they played for the first time in European football.
With this match, the preparations for the SP will begin practically, and there will be a match against the selection of Qatar. Selektor Hallgrimsson has some problems and subsequently called players for the injury of B.Sigurdarson and Saevarsson. It is likely to play some combined form so some players will retain the power to fight against Qatar.

Czech Republic
In vain, the Czechs have been the last two qualifying winners, when this selection of their odds of being placed on the Mundijal spoils much earlier. In the end, they might have been able to improve somewhere that they managed to defeat Norway and S. Ireland, and in their field Germany, but scored only one point in those three. They were hoping after the EP placement, where they did not show up, to be able to repeat success and go to another big competition.
The group was not that difficult and the second place was confused, but there was no good game and some older players pulled out of the national team after EP in France. Now they want to continue a positive line after winning against Azerbaijan and San Marina, but the selector Jarolim is not available to all the players he would like to see in the team. There are no side players, Kaderabek and Gebre Selassia, midfielder Daride, and Dockal, and Krejci and Zmrhal, have been injured. There is no young attacking star Schick, so it will really be a combined set.

Island – Czech Republic TIP
The Icelanders are more complete and in a better mood, and we will give them the advantage of a duel with the Czech Republic, which has a lot of problems with players’ absenteeism. Still, perhaps the Icelandic selector gets to some bigger changes and gives the Czechs a chance to avoid defeat.