The Argentine also spoke of selfishness in the Barca dressing room, their relationship with Neymar and the similarities between Luis Suarez and Aguero.

Leo Messi gave an interview to The Sun in which she reviewed today Barca, from the template system to its relationship with Neymar, also compared to Barca’s Luis Enrique with Pep, Suarez with Aguero and used to speaking of his rival in the Champions League, Manchester City.

The player explained that the Barcelona game system changes little as they pass the coaches, but each brings something new: “Everyone knows the system of Barcelona. We are one of the few clubs that use it, but every coach has different things and apply them if he sees that can fit “.

He noted that the difference between playing mode Luis Enrique and Pep Guardiola, lies on the way out the attack after recovering the ball: “We have not noticed too many changes, but we had one. With Luis Enrique we are more aggressive when attacked in speed while with Pep did less counterattacks “.

They also asked for the final of the Champions League 2009 in Rome: “There are many games in which the team plays so that it is impossible for the opponent hurt us and the Champions League final in Rome was one of them . We played the perfect match. It almost always happens in big games. ”

Tomorrow will face his friend, Sergio AGERO, which compared with teammate Luis Suarez: “Kun is a very simple person, a great friend and, as a striker, one of the best. As Luis Suarez. They are different but both can decide a game. ”

Ten thought that with the arrival of Guardiola the team ‘citizen’ is olverán most dangerous: “The City is a great team. They have always been a great team every time we have faced. Taking Pep, they grow more. ”

When asked by the generosity of the player when leaving throwing his companions when they have not scored maximum penalties, he said: “We are a group, we work together to win. There is no selfishness in one of the template. We always try to enjoy together and sometimes a goal gives you confidence, so I always try to enjoy together when we have the game under control. ”

He also spoke of his relationship with the Brazilian: “Neymar is a very close person you admire a lot. We get along really good”.

The striker has explained what motivations, making it clear that you have a thorn in the albiceleste: “I’m not obsessive, but I work for what I am. My goal is to win titles with my team. The same applies to the selection, although we have not yet won a big one. ”

Finally, he said Iniesta will miss, but nonetheless are strong: “Losing is something that always Andrés notes, but we are in good shape and come with confidence.”

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