The Catalan coach spoke after the draw at the Etihad. Karanka, meanwhile, was extremely satisfied with his players.

Guardiola and fatigue
Untried. “In the second half we did not play like the first, but neither did wrong They had a chance and was in the last minute we had chances and we controlled very well counterattacks We created enough chances to win the game, but.. in any league, where you get to the last minute, anything can happen. you think it’s a problem grant twice and create 10? I do not regret. ”

Tiredness: “. After the match this week and the way we played, it may be that the team arrived more tired at the last minute If we score a second goal, the game was over.”

Losing streak in the Premier: “I’m sad for the players because I think we deserved to win, we did a lot of chances to win the game, but in the last two has not gone If you see those games (the last three games in Premier League).. we lose six points, but what does the rival? in those games, they came to our area a total of four or five times. Today, they had 10 players in the area for 90 minutes ”

The call for Sterling with England: “Sterling can play with the national team.”

The 150 goals from Agüero “. Congratulations is a great brand, are many goals I scored only 11 in my career.”.

Karanka, proud
Low to high: “In the first part we entered the game with too much respect to Manchester City in the second, we show that we are not here just to defend and play with our style.”.

Content: “.. I’m very happy with the performance of the team’s goal was incredible thing today was even harder than the game against Arsenal.”

Reaction: “. The City marked at a difficult time in the last minutes of the first time I’m really pleased with the players, who once again showed they can compete against anybody.”

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