Brazil has the anger of the current coach of Real Madrid after being replaced in 2005. “I do not know European football. If not, I would not have taken the field. ”

Vanderlei Luxemburgo tiptoed by Real Madrid. Players took few clear conclusions of their schemes and hobby stores few magical memories of a coach who will be remembered, perhaps, was the creation of the famous ‘Magic Square’.

Luxembourg still boasts having at bay ‘Galacticos’ during his time as white coach, though that will cost some discussion. A decade after his arrival at the Bernabeu bench, the Brazilian brings to light an argument with Zidane after the elimination of the knockout stages of the Champions League in 2005 against Juventus.

The Frenchman was replaced in the second leg and the Italians took advantage with a goal in extra time. “I thought Juventus would come to press us from the beginning. But in the first part they devoted themselves to wait for us. Ronaldo and Zidane had physical problems. The second half started well and Juventus remained the same, without pressing. Ronaldo and Zidane began to waver. I removed Zidane and Guti and then put Juve reacted, prevented us out and we scored two goals, “Luxemburgo said in an interview on ESPN.

Luxembourg took his mistake and Zidane invited to a talk after the game to explain the reasons for the change, but the French was clear. “I called Zidane to speak and told him I did the right thing as the match wore on.” Zidane listened and replied, “Sir, you do not work in European football. If not, I would not have taken me or Ronaldo (the Brazilian he changed in the first leg) because rivals are afraid of us. With these changes we have lost respect. ”

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